Sustained Care Foundation is basically for the youths and other poor persons in the rural areas. We are in a mission to help gradually eradicate poverty Worldwide as a Vision but starting from her country of origin, Nigeria. Poverty has always been discovered to be one of the major causes of high increase in crime rate, and other social vices that are poised as threat to the National Security. We intend using the social media to promote all our live video of our physical activities been carried out, during the fight against poverty mostly in the rural areas. Kindly note that, this is a very short paid video promotions on various social media that our viewers can easily view while viewing their own social media updates.

are outlined in this proposal. Once in a while, we also do promotions of our MAJOR SUPPORTERS AND MENTORS for either our viewers or benefactors to pray for them. Remember, in PROVERBS Chapter 19:17, the Bible said “Whoever gives to the POOR lends to GOD.” Thanks and GOD BLESS.

One of our proposed means of generating financial supports for our foundation to competently carry out its activities in the gradual eradication of poverty, is by partnering with the various and accessible telecommunications industries in Nigeria, and by getting a USSD CODE that our supporters can dial on their mobile phone in other for them to extend their financial supports to the foundation. All we intend to do with the funds we receive from our supporters